This morning I knew I was behind on adding a blog post, something that’s actually been bugging me for the last week. And so I did a very interesting thing. I gave it over to the Universe. I had doubts, how could the Universe write my blog? Vibrations, belief, it’s all incredibly powerful, but write a blog? Come on?

When I turned on my computer this incredible image (shown below) was there. I don’t know this woman, but she’s a hero to me by virtue of her age, the rings on her hand and that twisted knuckle. And she’s a hero to me by virtue of that smile and that light in her eyes. Who can look at her and not know we are all one spirit? I’m sure this woman has seen a lot in her life, and yet there, for all to see, joy.


The poem that follows by Katy Stevenson Wirth took me to a new place. These two lines: “I drop this cloak of outshining at the gate. It has been such a heavy burden,” are my mantra for the week. Enjoy!

Poem by Katy Stevenson Wirth

In my heart of hearts,
I no longer want to be
Better than you
Smarter than you
Thinner than you
Prettier than you
Faster than you
Stronger than you
More accomplished than you
More creative than you
A better mother than you
A better friend than you
Better educated than you
ANYTHING more than you.

Mr. Willie Brown

2019 marks 100 years since Red Summer and the lynching and killing of hundreds of…

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I want to walk this path
Side by side
In awe of who you are
In awe of what your gifts are
To see you only in love and light
With your beauty shining through
Just as you are.
And I want you to see me the same way.
For I really do love you
Just as you are.
I only thought I had to be better
In order for you to love me.
I drop this cloak of outshining at the gate.
It has been such a heavy burden,
An unnecessary burden
A self imposed burden.
Will you still love me
Being just as I am.
In my heart of hearts,
I know you will.